Name: Krypton
Symbol: Kr
Atomic Number: 36
Atomic Mass: 83.80
Standard State: Gas (at 298 K)
Group name: Noble gas
Period in Periodic Table: 4
Color: colorless
Classification: Non-metallic

Krypton is present in the air here on Earth. It can also be found in the atmosphere of Mars. It can be characterized by it's brilliant spectral lines wich are orange and green. These spectral lines are easily produced and some are very sharp. When in a solid form, krypton is a white, crystalline substance. Solid krypton has a face-centered cubic structure wich is common to all the "rare gases.
Krypton was discovered by Sir William Ramsay and his student, Morris Travers, in residue left by liquid air that had nearly boiled away. It's name is taken from the Greek word "kryptos" meaning "hidden".Kr.jpg
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