Rachel Van Rensselaer

Name: Phosphorus
Atomic Number:15
Atomic Mass:30.973762
Standard State: solid at 298
Group name: Pnictogen
Period in Periodic Table:3
Color: red/ silvery white
Classification: Non- Metalic

Some Facts:
Phosphorus can be white, red, purple, and black. Phosphorus is usually misspelled for Phosphorous. When it is exposed to sunlight, or when heated in its own vapour to 250 degrees C. it gets converted to a red variety. Phosphorus was discovered in 1669 by a man named Henning Brand, who got it from urine. Phosphorus is used in the manufacture of safty matches, pyrotechnics, incendiary shells, smoke bombs, tracer bullets , ect. Phosphorus is also used in the production of specaial glasses, such as those used for sodium lamps. Did you know that white phosphorus glows in the dark when it is exposed to damp air at abour room temp. to form " Phosphorus Pentoxide? It reacts quickly with all the halgons at room temp. Phosphorus is Very interesting

picture of phosphorus
picture of phosphorus