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Atomic Number:52
Atomic Mass: 127.60
Standard State: solid at 298 K
Group name: Chalcogen
Period in Periodic Table: 5
Color:silvery lustrous grey
Classification:semi metallic
Tellurium is not very common to humans. We are exposed to as little as 0.01 millagrams (mg) or less from the air. The abbrevation is Te and it has five clouds around the nuclus. The Valence Electron has 6 protrons on it. It is in peroid ( row ) five and in family ( colum ) 16. It is is a silvery shiny grey color. it has 52 protons and electrons. Has 75 nutrons. To find the nutrons you subtract the protons form atomic mass. It is brittle and can be easily be broken down into dust or powder. Tellurium is a type of semiconductor. Tellurium does a lot for us that we don't even know about.