Cory brainard
Symbol:Tiexternal image TITANIUM%2520RING%2520STYLE%25201%25206MM.jpg
Atomic Number:22
Atomic Mass:47.867 (1)
Standard State:solid at 298
Group name:none
Period in Periodic Table:4
Color:silvery matallic

Titanium is a interesting substance ,and it was discoverd by willum mc gregor in 1791
in england. The name comes fromgreek mytholigy and is named after the son titan the earth godes son.
another very interesting fact is Titanium is the 9th most abundant substance in the earth's crust. An
interesting boiling fact is it boils at 5049 degreese farin height but it begins melting at 3034 degreese farenheight!!!! one last
fact is it is one of the hardest, lightest, metals in the world.